About IALS

Indústrias Alimentícias Leal Santos is a traditional company with a history of more than 130 years. The company generates approximately 250 jobs, resulting from its core business, which is the fishing, processing and sale of fish on the domestic and international markets.

Leal Santos pioneered the fish processing industry in Brazil. The company began its business activities in 1889, in the city of Rio Grande. State of Rio Grande do Sul.

The company has been growing and entering new markets ever since. More than one century later, its products and services still maintain the tradition, quality, and reputation that are recognized in several countries.


Leal Santos counts on a robust infrastructure enabling it to develop its core business, which is fish processing.

Company's Facility

The company's processing facility measures 21,950m², of which 11,055m² correspond to built-up area and 1,572m² to green space

Freezing and Storage

Freezing capacity corresponds to 215 tons and storage capacity corresponds to 4,000 tons


Fish processing capacity corresponds to up to 80 tons per day

Canned Tuna

Production capacity is 127 thousand cans per day

Production Line

The tuna loin production line has processing capacity of up to 40 tons per day


6 vessels with average capacity of 200 tons per day

Own Wharf

Own wharf measuring 421m² and depth of 8 meters


The Leal Santos fleet includes the DELFIM, the first vessel to be certified by the Secretary of Agriculture and Fishing (SAP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Raising and Supply (MAPA). This boat was certified to export fish to the European Union, after having met the requirements established in Normative Ruling Nr. 57 of October 31, 2019.

ACTEMSA SA was founded in 1994 by Mr. Severino Escurís Batalla. The company's core business is the importing and exporting of frozen fish and processing of tuna. The company also provides freezing and technical assistance services to fishing and canned fish companies.

Located in the Polígono de A Tomada industrial complex in A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña), the company's facilities encompass an area of 12,000m², with storage capacity of 25,000m². The company's business activities generate 250 direct jobs.

The company, one of the major business drivers of Barbanza, belongs to the Escurís-Villa family. Mr. Severino Escurís Batalla is the chairman and Mr. José Luis Escurís Villa is the vice-chairman and CEO.

Our History


Leal Santos was founded in 1889 as a fish processing company in the city of Rio Grande, State of Rio Grande do Sul.




Fundada no ano de 1889, a Leal Santos inicia suas atividades de industrialização de pescados na cidade de Rio Grande – RS.

New Brand

After more than 130 years, Indústrias Alimentícias Leal Santos LTDA. gained a new brand, through which the company can attest to its commitment to transparency and sustainability.


The Brand

Transparency and Sustainability – The purpose of our existence is to ensure the transparency of the entire production chain. To this end, we make sure that the products purchased by consumers are certified and in accordance with the best practices for the preservation and maintenance of the environment.

We proudly display our national colors, which are also displayed by the high-quality Thunnus albacares, or yellowfin tuna, an allusion to our rich natural resources, our seas and our environment

Manual de Marca Leal Santos

Organization Chart

Organization Chart IALS

Global Presence

Leal Santos is a Brazilian company owned by Spain's ACTEMSA group. This fish processing company is certified by the leading international entities linked to environmental protection and sustainable tuna fishing, such as Dolphin Safe, Friend of the Sea and IPNLF.

Leal Santos currently accounts for 50% of the national tuna exports. Its products are available in more than 13 countries and 3 continents.

The following countries import Leal Santos products: Togo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru, Gabon and China.