The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) acronym refers to the structure that guides Leal Santos, enabling the company to conduct its business operations according to environmental, social and governance criteria for the benefit of our community (shareholders, collaborators, clients and suppliers). All of our stakeholders have a common interest, which is full commitment to sustainability.


In regard to the Environment, our actions are focused on the proper management of natural resources, as well as on the company's resilience to physical climate risks.


The Social pillar addresses the relationship between Leal Santos and its stakeholders, especially as regards its Human Capital. In addition, our business activities have a strong committment to the communities where we run our business operations and to our partners in the supply chain.


Governance is related to leadership and management aspects of Leal Santos. Governance contemplates upper-level management’s actions in regard to stakeholders’ expectations, as well as to the protection of shareholders’ rights. Governance further contemplates existing controls that aim to promote the leaders’ transparency and responsibility, with the ultimate objective of maximizing the well-being of all interested parties.

Smart Business Activities for a Better World

Our professionals, totally committed to making a difference, dedicate themselves to provide sustainable results that drive the value and growth of our business. Their actions strengthen the environment and society.

We are focused on connecting our experience in the real world to our commitment to change, with the objective of improving the search for new ways of thinking and doing, in a context in which people and technologies work together to find better solutions. These actions will ensure the existence of a more transparent and promising future for the upcoming generations.

Transforming from the Inside to the Outside

ESG is at the core of our business!

This assumption enabled Leal Santos to take bold steps to create a model that has resultred in sustainable actions and measurable value. Such attitudes have led to operational, cultural and financial changes, allowing for the on-going evolution of our company to achieve a more sustainable future.

ESG Leal Santos


The constant evolution of our business activities requires a flexible environment for new ideas and alternatives to flourish. To this end, Responsibility, Sustainability and Diversity are a permanent fixture on our daily agendas. The gradual application of ESG metrics in all areas of Leal Santos enables us to be transparent in our relations.

The right combination of data and reports has resulted in accurate information, enabling our stakeholders to have confidence in us now and in the long term.